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Common Service Terms In Charlotte, NC

Common Service Terms In Charlotte, NC

Does it ever feel like service technicians are speaking a different language? By going over these terms and committing them to memory, you’re one step closer to knowing how to communicate when you take your vehicle in for repairs or regular service inspections.


Aftermarket Part:

A part that isn’t backed by the vehicle’s original manufacturer and often comes from an unaffiliated third party.


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS):

Prevents slipping in hazardous road conditions, prevents skidding, and improves brake control by automatically regulating brakes to prevent wheel lock-up.


Brake Pads:

Metal plates faced with a material used to cause friction and pressed against a brake rotor. Pads are crucial for slowing or stopping a car and worn brake pads must be replaced as soon as possible.


Catalytic Converter:

A component of the exhaust system that reduces vehicle emissions, which uses chemical processes to cleanse engine exhaust before it leaves the tailpipe.



Also referred to as the undercarriage, the chassis is the overall frame of the vehicle that supports all mechanical parts, including the suspension and powertrain.



Refers to anti-freeze, the fluid that is used to protect the engine’s cooling system from corrosion and regulates the temperature of your vehicle.


Curb Weight:

Refers to how much the vehicle weighs with a full tank of fuel, but no passengers or cargo.



When turning a corner, this system of gears allows the outside wheel to rotate faster than the inner wheel to maintain balance.


OE or OEM:

Stands for “original equipment” or “original equipment manufacturer,” and refers to parts that the vehicle was original constructed from at the factory.


Powertrain or Drivetrain:

The system that sends power to the wheels, including the engine, transmission, differential, and similar parts.



The combination of parts that supports the chassis and body of the vehicle.

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