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Mitsubishi Emerging Technologies In Charlotte, NC


Connecting to the Future

The Mitsubishi brand has always prided itself on leading the way in the automotive industry with cutting-edge technology. Current leading-edge technologies like the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system engine and Auto Stop & Go lead to highly efficient engines, while the company’s advanced Plug-in Hybrid and electric vehicles confirms a commitment to the future and the environment.
But the automaker is continually striving for so much more.

Currently, Mitsubishi is working to develop “Mitsubishi Connect,” an advanced connected car technology that will integrate vehicles with the information network. By using autonomous technology, voice-activated controls, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) linked to Cloud, a whole new world of high-tech conveniences opens up for Mitsubishi drivers. For example, drivers can turn on autopilot mode using only their voice, to free up their hands for other things. Since the car is connected to the Internet, owners can also use voice controls to set appointments or make online purchases while driving, and by linking the vehicle to a smartphone, drivers can also access messages and SNS using their voice.
To help illustrate the future of driving, Mitsubishi has created a video highlighting the capabilities of connected car technology, which looks like a scene straight out of a science-fiction film.
Mitsubishi is currently applying connected car technology to concept cars like the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV, GC-PHEV, AR, and eX. Soon the self-driving abilities and enhanced internet connectivity will be making their way to production models, changing the world of driving as we know it.

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