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New Vs. Used In Charlotte, NC


Why Buy New?


With all the options out there, why should you choose buying a new car? Here are a few reasons:

Quality – It’s no secret, but when you buy a new car, you’re getting top quality. Since you’re the first one behind the wheel, there’s no wear and tear to speak of. You’re also getting top technology and top updates in a new vehicle.

Ultimate choices – When you choose a new vehicle, you can get anything you want. Whereas with a used car, you’ll get what the old owner wanted. A new car gives you freedom and power of choice to pick the color and trim level that you want.

More incentives, lower interest rates – With new cars, you’ll get better incentives like low-interest financing and cash rebate. A used car will have a lower sticker price initially, but the overall interest rate you pay might be higher.

Better resale value – Typically depreciation is viewed as a reason to buy used, but new cars are actually likely to have a better resale value. Why? Because new vehicles that are high in demand and sell above their sticker price tend to have less depreciation.

Why Buy Used?


It can be hard to resist the call of a brand new car, but it gets easier when you learn about the many benefits of buying used. Don’t rule it out just yet!

Used cars are big money savers, in a lot of ways. The most obvious is the lower purchase cost. There’s also the fact that registration fees and car insurance are much lower with used cars, so you save even more in the long run.

Plus, a car that’s even two or three years old has already depreciated by a lot, which means you pay significantly less than the initial MSRP and you get a higher percentage of your initial investment back if you decide to sell the car in the future.

You should also consider that if you buy a new car, your options are more limited by your budget. Looking at used cars from three years ago opens you up to higher end cars that you possibly can’t afford brand new.

Finally, look into certified pre-owned cars. They’re a little more expensive than regular used, but have none of the risk, and you get cool benefits like warranties and sometimes finance deals!
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