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Special Financing In Charlotte, NC

Larry Jay Mitsubishi Finance Information

About Special Financing

Special financing is offered as an incentive for qualified buyers. For many, these are the ads you see on TV about zero interest or nothing down. However, special financing offers can happen year-round, and many are issued by the manufacturer. For instance, Mitsubishi usually has multiple financing specials at one time. Read on to learn more about these deals, from what they are, how to qualify, and when to find them.

What is special financing?

You will find special financing that lowers  the  APR, or annual percentage rate, or that lowers the down payment need to get a car. Some deals give you extra cash for trade-ins, and some extend the length of a lease. These offers can apply to buying with cash, interest, leasing and more.

See the Mitsubishi website for more information about special offers.

How do you qualify?

This depends largely on the specific deal, but most qualified buyers must have Tier A+ credit (usually at least a 720 rating). This is especially true for deals that give you zero interest for an extended period. Other offers may ask you to show that you are a military member, that you were affected by last year’s flooding, or that you have a trade-in vehicle. Read about the specific offer for information.

When can I find the best deals?

The holidays are your best bet. Many dealerships in the area go all out during President’s Day, a tradition that began in Boston several decades ago. This is on the third Monday in February, and it’s often considered the best time of the year to get a car. Other great deals occur on the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving weekend.


Special Financing at Larry Jay Mitsubishi

Here at Larry Jay Mitsubishi we take pride in helping customers who have had previous troubles with achieving financing. We not only specialize in helping customers with credit challenges but we understand that bad things do in fact happen to good people and everyone needs a little help from time to time. This is where we come in; our process is catered towards matching the customer’s information with the banks that can best assist them. Larry Jay works with over 40 banks and lenders all of whom have certain niches and our Credit Builder program matches up your specific information with the banks it scores the best with.

When arriving at the dealership, customers will meet with an experienced professional that will register the customer into the program. This is a simple non-intrusive process that will ensure the time with the finance professionals goes more smoothly. Subsequently, the finance manager will come and sit with the customer and review items regarding financing. The good news again is that we have banks for any and all situations and this helps Larry Jay Mitsubishi figure out the banks that can best help. From here the fun begins and we look at vehicles that best help us accomplish our goal.Stop by today to get behind the wheel of your dream Mitsubishi.

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