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Larry Jay Mitsubishi - Did You Know: Mitsubishi?

How well do you know your favorite car brand Mitsubishi? Read on to learn some fun facts about this manufacturer, brought to you by Larry Jay Mitsubishi.

Did you know the three triangles in the Mitsubishi logo are based off of a water chestnut?
In fact, the meaning of the Japanese word “Mitsubishi” means three (mitsu) and water chestnut (hishi).

Did you know that Mitsubishi is the 16th largest automotive manufacturer in the world?
Mitsubishi vehicles are sold in over 160 countries, and have been around for over a century.

Did you know that Jackie Chan loves Mitsubishis?
Chan and Mitsubishi have had a partnership for years, and Chan features Mitsubishi brand cars exclusively in his films.

Did you know MItsubishi was the original designer of Traction Control?
Mitsubishi was the first to design a Traction Control System for their vehicles, which has now become a popular standard safety features in most brands.

Did you know the Lancer was a hit from the start?
MItsubishi’s compact car was introduced in America in 2003 and got rave reviews right away. Automobile magazine immediately called it the Automobile of the Year, and three years later it was dubbed one of the Best Sports Sedans by ConsumerSearch. Today, the Lancer is just as popular as ever.

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