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Seasonal Maintenance In Charlotte, NC

Mitsubishi Seasonal Maintenance

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You love your car, so it’s important to take care of it! Here’s some maintenance that should be done on your car for every season.


Cooling System – This is the most common problem in cars over the summer. Be sure to flush your cooling system and refill it with coolant to prevent your car from overheating, especially if you have an older car.


Battery – When the weather gets colder, your battery struggles more than usual. To prepare for the winter, check the charge of your battery and make sure it’s strong enough to start the car on cold days. If it’s not, replace it!


Tires – Start with a rotation (which should happen every 5,000 – 7,000 miles) and if you have them, replace your tires with winter tires for ultimate traction on the road. Even if snow doesn’t happen often, you want to be prepared.


Windshield Wipers – With the wear and tear of the winter behind you and plenty of spring rain ahead of you, you’ll want to replace your wiper blades.

Spring means warm weather and clear skies; however, it is also the perfect time of year for spring car maintenance. You can wash away the salt and grit that accumulates during the cold months, and you can do routine checkups as well. We’ve put together a list of tips for spring cleaning.
First, clean out the interior. Get rid of any trash or unnecessary clutter that has stored up over the winter. Vacuum and spray out the HVAC system (the vents) to get rid of any moldy smells. After cleaning windows, you may want to give them a once over with clean newspaper—this trick is used by detailers to get rid of glare and greasy smudges.
Next, give the outside a good clean. Be sure to wash the undercarriage, either at the car wash or by using a hose and jack. Don’t use soap for this part if possible; simply rinse away the salt that will do damage in the long run. Also, give your car a good hand-wax with a premium brand. This will add a protective layer.
Top off any fluids that may need it. This includes transmission fluid (which should be checked when the car is warm), antifreeze/coolant, hydraulic brake fluid, and oil (if you’ve already had an oil change recently—otherwise, just change the oil). If brake fluid is low, it may be time for new brake pads. Take this time to have your battery checked and your tires rotated as well.
Check tires and replace wipers. This is a great time to replace wipers that have been worn over the cold winter. Look at tires for cracks and check tire pressure. Cold weather can affect the integrity of the rubber, and the cold can also decrease air pressure.
Something you should check during all seasons is your car’s oil. Check the oil level often and consider a seasonal oil change if you drive a lot. For more maintenance help, come down to Larry Jay Mitsubishi.


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