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Winter Service Tips | Larry Jay Mitsubishi | Charlotte, NC

Winter Service Tips | Charlotte, NC

Winter Service Tips

Winter is one of the hardest times of the year for your car, and it’s important to maintain it throughout the season; winter is the last time you want to be stranded on the side of the road. The following easy winter service tips will keep your car in good shape until spring.

One of the most important parts of your car in terms of safety is the tires. Cold water makes the air in your tires shrink up, which reduces your tire pressure and gives you less traction with the ground. Consistently check that your tires maintain proper air pressure.

Traction is incredibly important when the roads are wet and icy, which is why it’s also important to make sure your tire tread is good, and if not, it’s time to get new tires! Use one of the various methods like wear bars or the penny test to tell whether your tire’s tread is too low.

Another part of your car that takes a hit during winter is the battery. Get your battery tested to make sure it still has plenty of juice, especially if it’s having trouble turning over. Cold weather makes it much harder for your battery to turn on.

Keep track of your fluid levels, too. Coolant is essential in the winter, as it keeps your engine from freezing and makes the engine parts work together smoothly, so you don’t want it getting low. You may also want to do a coolant flush if the coolant is old or has a lot of debris.

Always keep your gas tank and your washer fluid full. Washer fluid is essential in keeping your windshield clean when it’s getting sprayed with snow and salt. When your fuel is low, water vapor can freeze inside the gas tank.

Finally, always keep a winter weather survival kit in your car with blankets, a change of clothes, water and dry food, a flashlight, and flares. For more winter maintenance tips or to set up a service appointment, call us at Larry Jay Mitsubishi.

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